Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spoil with Choices

Here are more handmade earrings. My apology as most of them are sold, but am in the progress of making more new designs. Keep a look out and hope some of these pieces will catch your attention.

Item no: E036 (SOLD)

Price: RM 75

Item no: E037 (SOLD)

Antique metalwork with intricate carvings of flowers and vines give this piece an Olde English feel, resonating the romantic charm of an era of knights and damsels in distress.

Price: RM 65

Item no: E038 (SOLD)

Shades of azure and sky blue Sworovski crystals, with intermittent lengths of chain, make this reflective piece both classy and refined.

Price: RM 75

Item no: E039 (SOLD)

The cocoon like shape of the agate speaks of a beautiful butterfly waiting to emerge from the wearer of this colourful concoction.

Price: RM 65

Item no: E040 (SOLD)

The deep green of the Swarovski crystals is in perfect contrast to the warm colours of the agate stones, and yet it brings out the subtle green hints inherent in these stones. What a play of colour.

Price: RM 65

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Launch

Here are the long awaited pictures taken during the launch of Mesmerize Accessories. Thanks to all of you who made it there and hope you continue to be-mesmerizing. Cheers...

Checking out the Mesmerize Accessories collection

The pretty lady who helped me out. Thanks babe. :)

Bollywood sensation

Item no: E029 (SOLD)

The teardrop shaped filigree with its intricate work, when married with simple vermillion beads and Swarovski crystal accents, form a fusion of contemporary and Indian design.

Price: RM 60