Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Irresistable Glow

Item no: E023 (SOLD)

Unique fire stained plastic wedges, set off with gilded chains and light brown Swarovski crystals on a gilded loop. One of a kind.

Price: RM 60

So graceful

Item no: E022 (Available)

A classic black and white combination, the pure white fresh water pearl precedes the imposing black agate, all delicately hung together with chains plated in silver.

Price: RM 55

Simple swing

Item no: E021 (Available)

With a gentle swinging movement, the teardrop shaped pearl hued shell is suspended beneath a large blood red Swarovski crystal, echoing the grace of the silver elements.

Price: RM 45

Pink Berries

Item no: E019 (Available)

A cluster consisting of large and diminutive scarlet Swarovski crystals, offset by a soft pink Agate stone and a bright white pearl, make this combination a pretty in pink classic.

Price: RM 55

Spiral Oh Spiral

Item no: E018 (Available)

The wholeness of the circular grey agate is complemented by the silver spiral, bringing out the lighter hues and speckles of the semi precious stone.

Price: RM 50

Cluster of Ocean

Item no: E017 (Available)

A gorgeous celebration of metal and shells, a fusion of nature’s elements, this piece has a tarnished brass globe accented with shells and pearls, all hung together on a simple silver plated loop.

Price: RM 55

Nature Glory

Item no: E015 (Available)

A long and slender piece, a multicoloured shell begins the journey that ends in a single white teardrop shaped shell.

Price: RM 40

Childhood Swing

Item no: E013 (Available)

This swing shaped piece seeks to cradle your memories with its rare deep green turquoise stone and intricate scarlet and emerald triangular cloisonné bead.

Price: RM 55

Jade Berries

Item no: E012 (Available)

Like a cluster of berries, both refreshing and fresh, jade green and milky white beads hang from a vine of gilded little loops, topped with a piece of mint green agate.

Price: RM 55

Funki-lee Bold

Item no: E010 (Available)

Overstated teardrop shaped loop in an arresting crimson hue, with the hollow filled with a cluster of dove white and gold plated beads.

Price: RM60

Eclectic Recipe

Item no: E008 (Available)

An eclectic combination of mint green agate, fresh water pearl, oyster blue ring shaped shell, emerald green large Swarovski crystal and a silver plated antique dome. All suspended on a distinctive silver plated loop.

Price: RM 55

Peaceful in Pearl

Item no: E007 (SOLD)

Ring shaped oyster blue seashells individually strung to create a cascading effect, begun with a solitary white fresh water pearl.

Price: RM 55

Serenity Stylish

Item no: E004 (Available)

Gilded loop with gold plated beads, embellished with a single large emerald green Swarovski crystal, and finished with a pure white pearl hued teardrop shell.

Price: RM 65

Simply Amber

Item no: E003 (Available)

Radiant amber agate stones with a droplet of white fresh water pearl, offset with silver plated globes.

Price: RM 50

Gracefully Green

Item no: E024 (SOLD)

Beautiful notched brass frame inlaid with 7 lime green Swarovski crystals, with a further 3 suspended with golden hued cylindrical beads. Elegant and classy.

Price: RM 70


Item no: E020 (SOLD)

Strung with silver plated chains, the innocent pearls and the brilliant blue green cloisonné bead are reminiscent of moons cradling the earth.

Price: RM 55

Freedom of simplicity

Item no: E016 (SOLD)

When the stone is so beautiful, its best to let is bask in its glory, as with this elegantly marbled piece of cream agate, charmingly accented with vermillion hues.

Price: RM 55

Naive Orient

Item no: E014 (SOLD)

The cloisonné beads speak of an oriental charm, just as the fresh water pearl speaks of the innocence of the orient.

Price: RM 55

Olive Moonlight

Item no: Eo11 (SOLD)

Like a crescent moon on the rise, an evening full of promise, the light green agate stone is challenged by the forest green diamond shaped Swarovski crystals and the delicate silver plated chandelier.

Price: RM 60

Tears of the Sea

Item no: Eo09 (SOLD)

Inspired by the ocean, a cluster of ring shaped seashells in various dark shades hung on a silver plated loop highlighted with a single teardrop shaped pearl hued shell.

Price: RM 65

Striking in blue and red

Item no: E006 (SOLD)

African turquoise rectangulars set off with large blood red Swarovski crystals and silver plated filigree with an intricate sunburst design. Definitely one of a kind.

Price: RM 65

Golden Seashells

Item no: E005 (SOLD)

Golden sun glazed onyx like seashells strung on a single gilded chain. Simplicity and nature at its best.

Price: RM 55

Swirl in Black

Item no: E002 (SOLD)

Midnight circular agate semi precious stones adorned with a concentric swirl of silver plated wire. Minimalist black.

Price: RM 55

Simply Circles

Item no: E001 (SOLD)

A pair of finely shaped mint green chalcedony quartz, spaced with silver plated ridged domes.

Price: RM 45

Magic Shells

Item no: E028 (SOLD)

A magical crystal orb spells the future with a cluster of ring shaped oyster coloured shells.

Price: RM 65

Elegant Grey

Item no: E027 (SOLD)

A classy combination best suited for an evening of glitz and glamour, the subtle choice of grey agate and white shell with the flowing chains make this a stylish slender piece.

Price: RM 55


Item no: E025 (SOLD)

This crystal number plays with shades of black, white and grey. A stylish yet simple piece.

Price: RM 70